The Westford Knight

By the thirteenth century, the Gunns were at the height of their powers and appear to have possessed the whole of Caithness.

There is some interesting evidence to indicate that Sir James (Seamus) Gunn, Chief of the Clan Gunn, may have accompanied Henry Sinclair of Orkney on his reputed expedition to the New World, some ninety years before Columbus claimed to have discovered America.

While in Westford, MA, Sir James Gunn, also from Scotland, died. In memory of the lost companion, the party carved a marker on the face of a stone ledge. It consisted of various sizes of punched holes, which depicted a Scottish knight, with a 39-inch long sword and shield bearing the Gunn Clan insignia.

Several things have been done to improve and stabilize the site of the Westford Knight Stone in Westford, MA.

A new information sign has been installed. It is a town historic sign with pictures and a timeline of the discovery of the stone. The old granite memorial is back at the site, in a new place. Crushed rock has been added for walkways. The chain is again in place. A metal frame was created to hold the glass which will be used to cover the rock. A bronze statue of the Knight has been created and is now in place.

On June 13, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. an unveiling of the statue took place. The Knight is located near Abbott School, 25 Depot Street, Westford, MA.  The school is the closest parking.

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