Iain Alexander Gunn Clan Gunn Chief

Photo by Dan Williamson

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What are Commissioners?

Clan Gunn Commissioners are clan Ambassadors. They are our boots on the ground here in North America. A commissioner is responsible for a region. In that region, they represent Clan Gunn at highland games, Scottish and Celtic festivals, and more.

Deputy commissioners help to assist the commissioner when the region is large or more than one event is taking place on the same dates. They can also help with booth setup and running with the region’s commissioner.

Both positions are volunteer positions and your membership dues help us to reimburse our volunteers for some expenses. 


As much as we would like, we simply can not attend every game in the US and Canada. Our volunteer commissioners and deputy commissioners work hard to make sure we are represented at games across both countries.

However, if you know of an event in your area where Clan Gunn is not represented, please contact your commissioner (found by clicking your state on the map above) and volunteer to host the tent yourself or with your family. If you want to lend a hand at an event in your area where there is already a tent, reach out to your commissioner to see how you can help. Our commissioners and deputies will be happy to offer training and provide information as needed.

As always stop by our Clan tents and let our volunteers know you appreciate them being there! 


Georgia Commissioner & 2nd Vice President, Cason Slaughter

Southwest Commissioner, John White