Iain Alexander Gunn Clan Gunn Chief

Lord Lyon Morrow Presents the Grant of Arms as Chief of Clan Gunn to Iain Gunn of Gunn

Iain  Alexander Gunn<br />
Clan Gunn Chief

Iain Alexander Gunn

Clan Gunn Chief

On the 25th September 2015 Lord Lyon Morrow issued the following interlocutor in the Petition of Iain Alexander Gunn of Banniskirk Chief of the Clan Gunn of date 24 July 2015:

“Edinburgh, 25 September 2015. The Lord Lyon King of Arms, having considered the foregoing petition, Recognizes the Petitioner as Representer of the House and Family of Gunn, Chief of the Clan Gunn, and that he is entitled to the additaments of Chief to his Ensigns Armorial, the form of such Ensigns Armorial to be determined by His Lordship at a later date.”

This historic ruling, therefore, establishes a fully recognized Chief of Clan Gunn for the first time since 1785 – a truly historic event.

230 years after the death of the last fully recognized chief of the Clan, Morrison Gunn in 1785, Clan Gunn finally has a recognized Chief.

Clan Gunn Chief Investiture

At a momentous and historic gathering of over 100 clansmen and women from around the globe on the 16th day of April 2016 in the Merchant’s Hall Edinburgh, exactly 900 years to the day after the commemorated death of St Magnus, a Patron Saint of Clan Gunn, Dr. Joseph Morrow, Lord Lyon King of Arms, presented Iain Gunn of Gunn, formerly Commander Iain Gunn of Banniskirk, with the Grant of Arms as Chief of Clan Gunn.

Clan Gunn Society of North America

Kris Wilson

Rich Gunn
1st Vice President
*Clan Commissioner for NA

Cason Slaughter
2nd Vice President

Jerred Gunn

Chuck Jamison
Membership Secretary

Heather Rawls

Chuck Franz
Past President

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International and UK Liaison Officer: Lin Robinson, Shelby, NC

Chaplain: Reverend John Douglas Wiley, Jacksonville, FL

Historian: Doug Jamison, Orlando FL

Clan Genealogist: Michael Pearson, Texas


Clan Piper (Eastern United States): Robert Larcom, Quarryville, PA

Clan Piper (Western United States): Chuck Jamison, Orangevale, CA

Gunn Salute Editor/Publisher: Sarah Gunn, Texas

* Rich Gunn was appointed by the Chief of Clan Gunn to be the North American Commissioner to Scotland. This is a distinguished honor for our society.