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Clan Gunn Society of North America
President, Kris Wilson

Clan Gunn Society of North America is a nonprofit organization. 

Our Mission: Clan Gunn Society of North America (CGSNA) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) whose mission is to promote and preserve Scottish history, culture, and heritage and to preserve and distribute information of interest to those of the surname, Gunn and its families, regardless of spelling. We work closely with the Clan Gunn Society located in Scotland and our members to provide resources on our Scottish Cultural Heritage in the North American region.

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Norse Viking Scots

Clan Gunn is one of the oldest and most northerly clans in Scotland, claiming descent from the Norse “Jarls” of Orkney in the tenth century. The name “Gunn” is believed to come from “Gunni”, the grandson of Sweyn Asleifsson, the “Ultimate Viking” hero of the Orkneyinge Saga.

Clan Gunn Crest

Description: A dexter hand wielding a sword in a bend

Motto: Aut Pax Aut Bellum (Either peace or war).

Clan Gunn Tartans

The Modern Gunn tartan is navy blue, green, black and red. The modern shown on this page is the main tartan for the family, although ancient and weathered variations are also popular with Clan members.